Katrina Jameson

Teacher, Glass, Jewelry

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Jeff Ogden

Board Member, Foods

Mailing Address: PO Box 414, Ignacio, CO 81137
Location: 115 Ute Street in Ignacio
Call us at (970) 563-4600 or e-mail us at: info@DancingSpiritCommunityArtsCenter.org
Gallery Hours: Open Wed-Thurs & Sat-Sun
Open Thursdays and Saturdays 12-4


Renee Graham

Past Board Member, Teacher, Yoga,  Belly Dance, Mixed Media

Plus many other member artists and friends that help make the magic happen!

Tim Murphy

Teacher, Painting, Mixed Media

Margie Coates

Board Member, Ceramics

Harlene Russell

Teacher, Ceramics

Caryl Schmid

Board Member

Linda Givon

Past Board Member, Jewelry, Textiles

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We are a grassroots and professional artist group. We support artists whether they are new or have dedicated their lives to their art form. We want to share our passion and the powers of healing that art can bring to individuals and families. Come join us!

Kasey Correia
Founder, Director, Past Board President, Teacher, Ceramics

Melody Hedin

Founder, Board President,

Jewelry, Mixed Media

Meg MacDonald

Founder, Board Member Printmaking, Mixed Media