Ula Gregory has been on the D.S. board going on two years. She has four wonderful children, three of her own and one from her sister, thirteen delight filled Grandchildren and numerous children whom she proudly claims as her own.  

Ula graduated from Ignacio High School in 1972. In 2001, she returned to receive an Associates of Arts degree from the Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute of Sante Fe.

She participates and donates however possible to the Ignacio Bobcats and S.U.I.M.A. activity programs, The Southern Ute Recreation Center and the E.L.H.I. of Ignacio. She volunteers within our community to fight addiction and abuse of human life. She believes art is a powerful tool and she encourages humans to use any art form available to dive into their inner beings to heal. 

Her love of art helps her project beauty into any form she chooses such as The Annual Guitar Jam or listening to music and belting out a song with her friends. She puts on her  ankle and wrist weights and dances for exercise, or takes long walks up and down her driveway. She also loves sitting on her porch and watching the grass grow, and when the time is right, she hops on her riding lawn mower and cuts the grass.

Ula Gregory


Catherine Larkins

​Melody Hedin

Art has been a part of Joanne's life since she first picked up a crayon.  It is her favorite form of communication, whether in its simplistic form or rich in philosophical meaning.

She moved to Durango, Colorado in 1982, to attend Fort Lewis College, fell in love with the area and never left.  Her family has been a part of the Ignacio community for 24 years.  

She joined the Dancing Spirit Board of Directors in hopes to add her ideas for programing for all individuals in Ignacio, and other visions of the Board as a whole.”

Anthony Box


Want to learn how to use our cultural strengths

to serve our community?

Want to bring the community together with programs

that promotes healing through art?

How can you help? Join the Dancing Spirit Team

and help us strengthen our community through art.

Dancing Spirit is looking for individuals with a strong sense of community and an interest in helping us grow

and develop in 2020 and beyond to be a part of our Board of Directors. The Dancing Spirit Board meets

on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6pm. Board member applications are available at the Dancing Spirit office

inside the ELHI Community Center located at 115 Ute Street, Ignacio Colorado.

Linda Givon
Scott Hagler

Kim Wilkins

Renee Graham

Joanne Gantt


Finding solitude at her homestead in the high mountain deserts of southwest Colorado, Eva Lewis constructed an abundant life immersed in all that Ignacio has to offer. Prior to establishing roots on her farm, Lewis owned and operated a small restaurant in Durango Colorado while she
obtained her Art degree from Fort Lewis College (‘07).  Between her time raising barns, raising sheep, and raising children, Lewis has embarked on a successful art career.  Known for her captivating photography and paintings that reflect life in the South West, Lewis’ work has been
widely published and exhibited throughout the United States.  Today she is very active within the Ignacio art community and when she’s not painting or working, you can find her rafting, camping or traveling on the open road.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more the you use, the more you have.” 

–Maya Angelou

​Our deepest gratitude to our past Board of Directors members:

After living in Las Vegas for 20 years, Anthony and his husband moved back to his hometown of Ignacio, where they have lived for over 10 years.

Art has been part of Anthony’s life since grade school but he didn’t really get to experience it until high school when he was able to see what could really be done with it, and how it can be used.  Anthony likes the creativity of it, being able to create something from nothing and bringing what he sees in his head into being.

Anthony believes that art is a fantastic thing to experience for people of all ages, it helps kids look at things from a different way and encourages creativity and free thinking, and helps adults relive stress and to keep their mind youthful. Anthony loves what Dancing Spirit does for the community and is very happy to be a part of it.

Kasey Correia

Jon Zusy

Linda Givon

Jodi Roser

Eva Lewis


​Our Current Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

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