We have many levels of involvement and would love for you to join in the fun, serving our community through art!

We are able to be effective in our mission for our community only through the time and enthusiasm for sharing art by our many volunteers, supporters, and members!

                Join us today as:

  • Member Artist, 
  • Friend of Dancing Spirit
  • Non-profit Organizational Collaborator

All supporters are appreciated and are publicly acknowledged unless they wish otherwise.​

We have media and pottery studios, classroom, exhibition,

and performing space where we offer opportunities to celebrate

and explore the diverse cultural traditions of Ignacio and the surrounding communities.

We work locally in schools and collaboratively with other area agencies to serve community members of all ages. 


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Dancing Spirit is founded on cooperative principles, with the main focus of our work being education in the community. We are successfully using cultural strengths, such as collective vision, respect for elders, stewardship, and cooperation among group members to create a community-wide culture identified with self-empowerment.

© Copyright 2016 Dancing Spirit Community Arts Center. All Rights Reserved. Photo credits © copyright 2014 Tammy Jenkins & © copyright 2014 Katrina Jameson.

Join Today

Member Artist:

$65 Annually

 Artists able to have gallery space, online store available, option for free show in gallery, market-ing for shows on website, email, social media, PSA, teach classes if qualified, use of rooms for fee, voting member, may serve on committees; free t-shirt or tote bag!

Friends of Dancing Spirit:

$45 Annually

 Community members who support our mission, recognized on website and social media, may use rooms for a fee, involvement in our art activities, free t-shirt or tote bag!

Nonprofit Organizational Collaboration:

$350 Annually

 Local non-profits can use classroom, have free ex-hibit, all children need to be supervised unless in a class, see application for more details

All donors and volunteers are publicly acknowledged and greatly appreciated (unless they wish otherwise).

We appreciate all support from our artists, friends, and collaborators!

Mailing Address: PO Box 414, Ignacio, CO 81137

Location: 115 Ute Street in Ignacio
Call us at (970) 563-4600 or e-mail us at:
Gallery Hours: Open Thursday and Saturday 12 to 4

 All donations are tax deductible as a charitable contribution to our 501c3,

to the full extent permitted by law

​Join us here or come by DS!


Our work benefits:

* Youth through peer and adult mentoring that foster critical life skills.
* Families through supervised programming that supports kids in and out of school.
* Schools through programming that is proven to increase academic achievement and decrease high risk behaviors.

*Artists through workshops, classes, exhibits, mentoring, and shared enthusiasm for creative expression!

* Community through stronger ties and shared values building.